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We are an experienced Ukrainian provider of Machine Learning consulting and development services. For more than a decade we’ve been partnering with international businesses to provide them with access to high-end talent from Eastern Europe. By partnering with us, you will be able to achieve new business goals and develop and release all types of ML and AI projects.

We offer excellent recruitment and tailor-made services to find the most suitable and experienced candidates to empower your team. Also, deliver flexible cooperation models. Companies can opt for full-time or part-time engagement of ML engineers. This ensures the affordability of the project. You can choose whether you need a dedicated team to expand your in-house resources or a senior-level consultancy on an AI-based project.

Industries and Projects Where ML
and AI Engineers Are Needed

AI and ML offer unprecedented opportunities in many industries. They ensure optimization of processes, predictive algorithms that can decrease risks or make forecasts, and higher accuracy in a workflow.

The main industries that heavily rely on such solutions are:
  • Healthcare.

    Diagnostics, predictive algorithms, work with data, and personalized treatments.

  • Manufacturing.

    Optimization and automation of processes, prediction of risks, minimizing errors.

  • Transportation and Logistics.

    Data analysis, disaster prevention, driving directions, etc.

  • Finance.

    Predictive algorithms for investments or market trends.

  • Automotive.

    Self-driving cars, automated systems, connected cars.

  • Advertising and Marketing.

    AI-powered campaigns and data analysis.

The common tasks ML and AI developers could help with are:
  • Development of AI and ML algorithms for predictive analysis and detection of risks;
  • Create automated systems for warehouses, offices, and companies to optimize redundant tasks and free human resources;
  • Design and program data gathering and analysis software for data science;
  • Increase accuracy by error-predictive algorithms;
  • Creation of software solutions that reduce test and calibration time for various workflows.
  • Development of analytical solutions for healthcare devices and scanning tools for better and faster diagnostics.
  • AI-powered virtual assistants and connected system;
  • Financial and banking ML/AI applications;
  • Face and voice authentication and recognition solutions.

Steps to Hire a ML/AI Developer

Tell your requirements.

List all the skills and competencies you look for.

CVs review and vetting.

We select the best suitable candidates.

Technical interview.

We evaluate the skills and expertise of the candidates.

Cooperation start.

Sign a contract with the best engineer.
We are ready to help you find the best ML/AI engineer for your specific project and industry.
Contact our representatives to start!

Tasks and Responsibilities of ML Engineers

  • Design and development of Machine Learning models and algorithms in accordance with the unique business needs of a company;
  • Re-training of already existing models with new data or new patterns;
  • Research and implementation of the suitable ML tools into the company workflow, making sure they are safely deployed and highly performing;
  • Analysis of current operations to find processes that can be automated and optimized with new tools;
  • Gathering and selection of the appropriate data for ML models, and data interpretation;
  • Choosing the suitable data representation methods;
  • Verification of the data quality for models and processes;
  • Developing and running various tests for Machine Learning, working on QA and appropriate documentation;
  • Statistical analysis of gathered data for predictions, improvements, and upgrades;
  • Creation of specific ML applications for companies;
  • Training new systems and solutions for the best performance.
ML/AI Services We Offer

Select the model, which suits your business needs the best: part-time consultancy from an experienced ML engineer with specific background in your industry or hire a full-time dedicated ML/AI developer.

Part-time Consultancy from a Senior-level ML/AI Consultant

This is a great opportunity for companies looking for expert advice on their projects or systems. A senior-level ML/AI consultant will analyze and evaluate processes and workflows that can benefit from these technologies. They can also act as technical experts for startups working on AI-related MVPs. Or they will help to draft a development roadmap for a future project of a company. Part-time collaboration allows for reducing costs while accessing the highest level of expertise at the same time.

Full-time Dedicated ML/AI Engineer

Dedicated ML/AI engineers serve as a powerful addition to your in-house team. They can tackle a multitude of tasks you set for them, whether it is a new development project or re-training an existing ML model. This type of cooperation gives clients full control of the workload as dedicated experts work exclusively for you. It allows developing and releasing new projects faster and with a competitive edge.

Are you ready to access high-level ML/AI experts and empower your business? Contact us today!
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